Product Overview and Catalogues
Product Overview and Catalogues
Bosch Spark Plugs 
For more than 100 years Bosch has been a leader in spark plug development. As vehicles have become more advanced, so have our spark plugs.
The Bosch spark plug program offers a comprehensive range of precious metal spark plugs at various performance levels, ensuring you have the right spark plug for any performance requirement.

Bosch Super Plus
Bosch Super Plus is the longest lasting copper core spark plug on the market, offering true value for money. Featuring an yttrium enhanced centre electrode, these original equipment quality spark plugs offer smooth acceleration and driving comfort, with a service life of up to 40,000km.

Bosch Platinum Plus
Bosch Platinum Plus offers premium performance and excellent value. surpassing original equipment specifications, the exclusive platinum centre electrode provides increased fuel efficiency, while the yttrium enhanced ground electrode ensures maximum durability and engine protection. These two features also increase the service life of the plug to up to 60,000km. Platinum Plus delivers a more reliable spark, at higher RPMs, for premium engine performance.

Bosch Platinum-Ir Fusion
Bosch Platinum-Ir Fusion delivers the ultimate in spark plug performance and the longest service life. The unique combination of patented, heat infused iridium and platinum centre electrode, coupled with exclusive surface air gap firing technology, delivers the most powerful sparks for maximum horsepower. The four unique yttrium enhanced ground electrodes significantly reduce gap wear leading to the longest service life of up to 100,000km. 



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