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Further training – Support and demands
The success of Bosch is entirely dependent on our ability to innovate and our know how advantage. Increasing this advantage is a challenge that every staff member must face on a daily basis. Since we expect so much from our staff, we must provide the necessary conditions for it to develop further both professionally and personally. And that is exactly what we do. Our discerning, comprehensive training and further education program systematically supports all our staff members.
There are also many highly individualized development measures. We regard all these measures and opportunities as a combination of support and demand, since we cannot be successful without the desire and willingness of our staff to learn new things and cope with new tasks.

Women – Powered by Bosch!
Supporting women's careers is not a policy, it is a philosophy we spread. Bosch is committed to supporting women. We want ever more women to be represented on all hierarchical levels and in all functional divisions, and are commited to equal opportunities for women and men. We have already managed to significantly increase the number of women among our trainees, industrial apprentices and career support scheme participants. And perhaps we will have a female Managing Director in the foreseeable future. We are working on it.

International work with Bosch
Bosch is an international and globally active corporation. Our staff comes from an extremely wide range of countries. We develop and produce our products in more than 50 countries – and supply markets in around 150 countries. Our employees can therefore work in an international atmosphere at exciting locations throughout the world, discover foreign cultures, gather new experiences and learn at first hand how a global player works. This diversity is an ideal chance for the corporation and staff alike to learn from other cultures and benefit from the wealth of perspectives and ideas, since they are important influences in developing new products and services.

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